Platform as a Service

Platform as a Service provides you with a virtual compute, storage & network environment based on the latest NUBES infrastructure. The virtual data center environment consists of different kinds of hypervisors and container solutions to choose from.

Additionally, as shown in the picture, you can use our included storage protocols and APIs for your applications. This provides you with a comprehensive and state-of-the-art IT system without the burden of the complex management. In order to guarantee you a tailored and cost-efficient solution, the NUBES team will offer all PaaS components, based on the IaaS pricing individually to your needs NUBES PaaS Management System

In this manner, the NUBES architecture experts can provide you with performance improvements and better management tools for your existing application and database landscape.

If you encounter any issues on your existing platform, regardless if it’s on premises or in the cloud, let NUBES solve them!

The platform for data security

  • Platform for trustworthy AI and data management
  • Easy & secure AI application development
  • Guaranteed data protection through Differential Privacy
  • Full control over data
  • Compatible with all data sources
  • GDPR-compliant analysis of Big Data
  • Data protection made in Europe

Gradient 0 - DQ0 - Technology, for data protection compliant AI applications

DQ0 is based on the mathematically verifiable principle of differential privacy and at the same time offers a sophisticated platform for data science. DQ0 sets the highest standards for protecting your data.

DQ0 was developed by data scientists for data scientists. In addition to the functionality to calculate models on protected data, DQ0 offers comfortable possibilities for model versioning and for parameterization and tracking of your experiments. You can communicate with DQ0 using the freely available DQ0 CLI command line tool, the integrated web application or the DQ0 SDK directly from your Jupyter development environment.

DQ0 implements all data protection methods carefully and securely and continuously tests this security according to the latest scientific criteria. DQ0 is fully end-to-end encrypted. The software for controlling the platform is certified by TÜV Austria as a "Trusted Application". In principle, all data sources can be connected. DQ0 works with structured data from SQL and No-SQL databases, file systems and cloud storage as well as binary data such as images or measurement data.

DQ0 Use Cases

Whether sensitive medical data, user information with personal data or secret measurement data - DQ0 is the simple and secure interface between data and machine learning.

Learn more about the DQ0 use cases



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